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HARTFORD – The Connecticut Daily Newspaper Association (CDNA), comprised of all sixteen daily newspapers throughout Connecticut, announced at their annual meeting today that they will be launching an ad campaign aimed at informing voters of proposals before the state legislature that would virtually remove public and legal notices from their newspapers.


The first of the full page ads will run on April 1st titled, “This is no April Fool’s joke”.  The ad, a full page, black and white ad that will run in every daily newspaper in Connecticut, will provide the phone numbers of all four legislative caucuses and the Governor’s Office for readers to call and express their concerns over the removal of very important public information out of the newspaper.  Legislators have proposed allowing towns and cities to place these ads on their websites in lieu of the newspapers – who would only be allowed to provide a snapshot of the notice and reference to that town’s website.


“It’s very unfortunate, but CDNA has had to battle this issue time and time again as town government continues to look for ways to cut their budget and close their doors to openness,” said Chris VanDeHoef, the association’s Executive Director. “Everyone understands that town budgets are hurting – however – closing off access to what these towns and cities are doing is no cure for what ails them.  Ridding themselves of third party verification and oversight is simply a recipe for trouble.”


CDNA intends to run these ads on average three times per week, changing up the wording, but never the message. “The simple fact is, not everyone in Connecticut has access to the internet and people who don’t might be curious about what their government is spending money on, what projects are being sent out to bid and any number of other actions it might take.  What are they to do when the towns can shut them out,” asked VanDeHoef.

The ad campaign will run through the month of May. 


To contact your local legislator please review the following links for more information:

CT Public News

A fundamental premise of a democratic society - that an informed citizenry must be made aware of the actions of the government that could affect their lives and property - public notice requirements have long been a part of the American tradition. Our member Connecticut newspapers hold this public trust sacred. 

That is why, as the world of communication began to change, we created ct.mypublicnotices.com. Now, every public notice placed in any of our member papers is posted, free of charge, in this free, searchable database. With each and every daily Connecticut paper involved, it guarantees statewide coverage, through both newspaper and electronic media, for each and every notice required.

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